Aquatic Therapy by Ruth Merrett of Goolwa

Goolwa, Victor Harbor and the Fleurieu Peninsula

Introducing Ruth

Ruth Merrett and her staff at Aquatic Therapy endeavour to offer you the highest quality of service, in the heated private pool. Ruth Merrett and her staff aim to offer aquatic experiences that are both enjoyable and beneficial to your health.

Aquatic Therapy’s focus is increased mobility, strength and wellbeing for all of her clients by offering water based exercise programs which concentrate on individual requirements.

We at Aquatic Therapy aim to offer a compassionate, caring service offering respect to all, having no favourites. Our aim is not to build champions, but to encourage each person to grow with the skills necessary for safe water awareness by offering good swimming programs.

Aquatic Therapy offers:

  • Swim Instruction.
  • Swim Technique for both adults and children.
  • Infant and toddler water awareness.
  • Hydrotherapy.
  • Fitness Swimming.
  • Aqua fitness Sessions.

All participants are encouraged with these ideals:

  • Respect of self and each other.
  • Encouraging attitude and words.

Swimming is a life skill, and here at Aquatic Therapy Goolwa we aim to encourage every person to be safe in the water. We also encourage you to build your water confidence through Aqua Fitness classes to give you water awareness. The benefits of a workout in the water are extensive.

We provide individual care, which begins by placement in the appropriate session and then by modifying the exercises for each person to receive the maximum benefit.

If you are interested in joining us here at Aquatic Therapy Goolwa for any of our safe, friendly classes please contact Ruth or Dawn on 0428830273. We are very thankful for the strong support from our regular clients and their love of the water and are excited to welcome you to join us here. Our aim is to help you towards improved health outcomes for your future in a safe, fun, respectful and caring environment!!

About our facility

The swimming pool is disinfected via an Ozone UV Filter and Chlorine.

To help maintain our high quality environment we ask all participants to refrain from

  1. Wearing makeup, deodorants and body lotions in the pool.

Sessions are conducted Monday to Friday by appointment.

Please contact Ruth or Dawn to discuss your individual needs.